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• 1/17/2014

Resource Occupations

What is the etiquette for resource occupations? Can we go ahead and occupy other members resources (i'm talking those designed for this - ponds, silos, propane, etc.) or do we need permission? I have just grabbed someone's chems when i needed them - usually just a few cycles - but i don't want to step on toes. And any Elder is welcome to grab anything free on my map.

And thank you tabberkev for putting this site together!

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• 1/17/2014

Thanks for the question. Ponds, silos and propane clusters are pretty much designed for occupation as they serve no other real purpose, so personally I don't expect people would need to be asked. I would always check for Vehicle factories though, unless they are clearly marked with a sign. If in doubt, ask, I would say. Maybe we need to come up with an official answer, and put on the members expectations page. We'll get back to you.

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