The Arctic Missions, or those that take place in the Eastern Wastes or Installation 17 can be a challenge, since most units will take cold damage during the battle.

Units Immune to ColdEdit

  •  Frontier Tractor
  • Frontier Pyro
  • Fireworks Truck
  • Frontier Minuteman (Yes, for some reason,the dude with no sleeves is immune to cold).
  • Frontier Engineer
  • Frontier Chucker (Recommended)
  • Frontier Lumberjack
  • Frontier Hunter
  • Wolf Scrapper
  • Wolf Artillery
  • Wolf Pickup
  • Wolf Enforcer
  • Wolf Grenadier
  • Wolf Devastator
  • Converted Garbage Truck
  • Wolf Thug
  • Laser Technician
  • Rail Technician
  • Mammoth Tank
  • Mammoth Artillery
  • Young Mammoth
  • War Mammoth
  • Tamed Mammoth Matriarch
  • Legendary Mammoth
  • Arctic Tank
  • Arctic Trooper
  • Heavy Arctic Tank
  • Bigfoot
  • Young Bigfoot
  • Bigfoot Shaman
  • Frostbite
  • Cryo Trooper
  • Elemental Trooper

Other TipsEdit

While R6 wimps are not immune to cold, their strength and cheap heal cost make them a worthy consideration. A wimp can do good damage before dying in the cold.