Another Milestone for EldersEdit

It Goes to 11

Not this fool again!Edit


The next Boss Strike has been announced, and it is an old enemy. Be prepared for a lot of armor munching enemies.

Formations can be found at BNOutpost as well as below.

Donation is 1000 Concrete Remember more points are earned at higher tiers (500 pts at T5 but 1000 pts at T10) so saving to dump is advised but always donate top 20-30% and keep producing.

Please fill in BS7 Points as we go to chart progress.

Tiers and RewardsEdit

Tier Reward Points to Earn Total Points Earned Time Remaining upon Completion Time Remaining BS6
1 3,000 Oil 5,000 6,000 4d 23h 4d 23h
2 20 Bar 23,000 29,000 4d 23h 4d 23h
3 Silverwolf Crop Buster 73,000 102,000 4d 23h 4d 23h
4 30 Vial 190,000 292,000 4d 23h 4d 22h
5 45 NANOPOD 393,600 685,600 4d 22h 4d 21h
6 50 Tooth 683,200 1,368,800 4d 21h 4d 17h
7 Silverwolf Chunook 1,060,900 2,429,700 4d 18h 4d 9h
8 20 Widget 1,593,000 4,022,700 4d 13h 3d 15h
9 90 NANOPOD 2,912,500 6,935,200 4d 2h 2d 23h
10 AD7 Bigfoot Skybus 5,969,900 12,905,100 3d 6h 19h 23m
11 AD7 Bigfoot Skybus 11,939,800 24,844,900 1d 1h
12 AD7 Bigfoot Skybus 23,879,600 48,724,500 ?

Suggested FormationsEdit

Find a formation that is working? Please post pics here so other Elders can benefit! Please keep in mind that not everyone has lots of sentinel fragments or large quantities of limited nano units. Some that have been shared so far:



A good grind formation to earn points. Mini tanks may be replaced with Allied Mammoth Riders, which only cost gold to heal.


No Fragments, no Legendary Mammoths


Formations can be found at BNOutpost or by utilizing the ZIP Archive (only levels 51+): DropBox : Google Drive


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Tier 3: Silver Wolf Crop Buster: Stats

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Air cargo plane icon@2x

Tier 7: Silverwolf Chunook: Stats

Tier 10: The ADZ BigFoot SkyBus: Stats.