Please edit this page to record progress so we can see how we are doing. Use the table to input the days/hours left, tier we are on, and points through that tier. So if there is 4d 12h left on the counter, and we are 110,000 points through tier 8, and it is 13 minutes to the hour, you would write: 4d 12h 13m in the first column, 8 in the second, and 110000 in the last. i.e.

The more data points we have, the more accurate the graph will look, but every few hours would be good as a minimum. Cheers! Tabs.

To get minutes, just put in how many minutes until the next full hour (assuming it started on the hour), as the boss strike clock only goes down to hours.

Boss Strike Points Log
Time Left (9d 9h 9m) Tier Points through tier
4d 22h 0m 6 364000
4d 20h 23m 7 435627
4d 18h 54m 8 24908
4d 11h 41m 9 671803
4d 8h 30m 9 1296k
4d 4h 10m 9 2308k
4d 1h 10 1.07 mil
4d 10 1.5 mil
3d 23h 10 2 mil
3d 22h 10 2.3 mil
3d 20h 30 min 10 3 mil
3d 12h 57m 10 4878k
3d 6h 11 10k
3d 1h 50m 11 1.52m
2d 23h 41m 11 2.28m
2d 19h 54m 11 3.228m
2d 9h 17m 11 5.265m
2d 0h 42m 11 6.92m
1d 20h 58m 11 7.756m
1d 11h 11m 11 9.857m
1d 3h 46m 11 11.238m
1d 2h 12 0
10h 30m 12 1.317m
BS7Progress8 12