Another Victory for the Elders!Edit


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Despite little notice, the Elders was able to complete the eighth boss strike, surpassing the previous guild record for points. Good work all!

Formations can be found at BNOutpost as well as below.

Donation is 1000 Lumber Remember more points are earned at higher tiers (500 pts at T5 but 1000 pts at T10) so saving to dump is advised but always donate top 20-30% and keep producing.

Please fill in BS8 Points as we go to chart progress.


Tiers and RewardsEdit

Tier Reward Points to Earn Total Points Earned Time Remaining upon Completion Time Remaining BS7
1 3,000 Concrete 5,500 5,500 4d 23h 4d 23h
2 20 Tooth 24,200 29,700 4d 23h 4d 23h
3 Tri-Wing Terror 76,700 106,400 4d 23h 4d 23h
4 30 Gear 199,500 305,900 4d 23h
5 45 NANOPOD 417,200 713,100 4d 22h
6 50 Skull 724,200 1,447,300 4d 21h
7 BC-3 Cobra 1,124,600 2,571,900 4d 18h
8 20 Necklace 1,688,600 4,260,500 4d 13h
9 90 NANOPOD 3,087,300 7,347,800 4d 2h
10 RS17 Shadowwasp 6,328,100 13,675,900 3d 6h
11 RS17 Shadowwasp 12,656,200 26,332,100 1d 1h
12 RS17 Shadowwasp 25,312,400 51,644,500 ? ?

Guild WeightingEdit

Z2 has announced a new feature: Weighting. Guilds with a smaller amount of members will receive bonuses to their boss strike points. Weighting will be based on the actual number of members at the beginning of an event, not the member cap. More information can be found here..

Recommended FormationsEdit

Have a good formation? Post it here or on Group Me.


BN outpost has the enemy formationshere 


Air triplane icon
Tier 3: Tri-Wing Terror. Stats here

Air helicopter new icon

Tier 7: BC-3 Cobra. Stats here

Air stealth fighter icon

Tier 10: RS17 Shadowwasp. Stats here