Tips and Tricks of PvP

  • Use the magnifying glass, and info icon when in a battle - it can tell you a lot about the enemy. 
  • Don't fire at an enemy unit that is in cooldown / reload mode. Kill the ones that could fire at any minute first
  • Use freeze and stun to help lock down units from firing. Frozen units take far more damage
  • Kill units that have lowest HP first
  • Use AoE (Area of effect) attacks to try and kill multiple units at once
  • Know the enemy. Learn the stats / weaknesses of your opponent units. Are some more susceptible to freeze, crushing, piercing damage etc. Refer to the Battle Nations wiki for full details of every allied and enemy unit
  • Know your own units. Which ones can hit air? Which attack can deal the most damage fopr units that have multiple attacks?
  • To do this you could try the Random PvP (Player versus Player) battles. In the heat of combat you quickly learn which of your units has the edge in combat, cooldown/warmup periods etc. If you do this regularly and reach 40 PvP points in a 24 hour period, you will be rewarded with gold, XP (about 20-40,000 depending on level) and a random reward of either gears, bars or less often, nanos.
  • Again do the same thing with FvF (Friend versus Friend) in your friends menu list. 

As you can see below, using the magnifying glass, the UH-1 has 3 attacks it can't use for a while. The first attack is active, but you can see from the little red sign on all the ground units, that it can't hit them. The planes at the back however, don't have the sign, which tells you it can.