To edit your avatar (The icon/picture that people see representing you in the game, or the forums), follow the following steps, If this dosen't work in BN then try doing these SAME steps in TradeNations or any other Z2 game and log into it like you log into BN. This fixes almost any issue not described in this guide:

1. Create a new email account. I used hotmail, but anything will do. Note down email address and password somewhere safe so you don't forget it.

2. Log into this fake email account to make sure it works. Send a test email to it from a real email address, to check it works.

3. Go to, and sign up for a new account. Use a psedonym, and the email address chosen in step 1 . Again note the name and password. You will never use this facebook account for anything else, other than updating the avatar.

4. Activate the facebook account, usually this is clicking on a link in an email sent to the account used in step 1.

5. Upload your chosen avatar to your Facebook account (message bjh in game or groupme, to get one of our new Elders frames ideally)

6. While logged in to the this facebook account, go into BN and do the following:

  • Click on your name / avatar in the very top left, make sure you are on the home page
  • Click on your current avatar picture. It will give you 8 icons to choose from, and at the top is "Use facebook icon". Click on this.
  • You should now see your avatar icon from facebook as the first option. Choose this, and you should be done!

7. If this didn't work, or the game crashed, you may need to choose "Remove facebook association" from the settings menu. Get this by clicking on the gear icon shown at the start of step 6. If this still fails, email a support ticket to Z2, and they can remove facebook association server side.

That should be it!