Their month-long attack on your Outpost was only the beginning, word from the frontlines points to an all-out Infected Boss Strike heading your way!

We analyzed a few of the oncoming Infected and made a startling discovery, these Infected are bringing the Plague! This Environmental DOT damages all troopers and critters. That’s the bad news. The good news? All vehicles, zombie hunters, Infected units, and most aircraft are immune to the Plague. 

Plan ahead and ready your troops. 

You’re not alone in this fight, either. Work together with your Guild to earn tier prizes, including exclusive Apex Infected units. The Tier 10 Prize this Boss Strike is the Apex Mauler, a deadly Infected Bigfoot.

This is the final push, citizens, let’s drive those Infected back where they came from!

Good luck.


Infected 5

Tier 3: Speciment a05 "Apex Bullfrog" 

100px-Event reward zombie spitter super

Tier 5: Specimen d05 "Apex Stalker" 

125px-Event reward zombie ninja super

Tier 8: Specimen e03 "Apex Colossus" 

100px-Event reward zombie tank super

Tier 10: Speciment i02 "Apex Mauler" 

127px-Event reward bigfoot infected super

Promotional Unit: Zombie Slayer

S zombie hunter2 front

Useful FormationsEdit

Infected 1

Infected 2

Infected 3
Infected 4