How This WorksEdit

This works by installing an android emulator on your windows computer and downloading BN from the Google Play Store with a Google account, which you can then play BN from the emulator.

Bugs and Issues

  • If you exceed the character limit on the guild chat, nothing will appear.
  • Outpost ground renders brownish tan
  • Intro video is broken, but sound works


  • Patience, Patience, PATIENCE!
  • Google Account (You can get one for free by making a Gmail Account)
  • Computer Running Windows XP SP3, 7, or 8
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Graphics Card that supourts OpenGL
  • Administrative Rights on your computer (Except for Win XP)
  • 1,500 MB open space on your Hard Drive

Image GuideEdit

PLEASE NOTE that this is not perfect, I run double the requirements listed above and only get 10 FPS when playing BN. If you want a perfect experience then you'll need to wait for BN to be released on Steam, or be lucky enough that this loves your computer.
Bluestacks Download Button

First you'll need to download the emulator BlueStacks from : : by clicking the green button to the left.

Bluestacks Run Button

When the download completes, open the executable. You will be asked if you want to run the program, click "Yes" or "Run".

Bluestacks Yes Button

Another window similar to the previous one will appear, repeat the last step and click "Yes

Installer Continue Button

BlueStacks Installation window should appear (give it some time), when it does you can close your web browser and click "Continue" in the lower right corner of the install window. The core emulator will install, then it will download the updates and the rest of the emulator. This is heavily based on your internet speed and the time to complete will vary on that. The installer will close and open once or twice as it installs. And if you noticed this emulator plays more than just BN. After it finishes installing the installer will automatically close and BlueStacks will start in full screen Mode. (Hit F11 to exit full scre

BlueStacks Full Screen

BlueStacks Full Screen

BlueStacks Windowed

BlueStacks Windowed

BlueStacks Search

Now click on the Search icon in the upper left corner. From here, search "Battle Nations" then click on the "Search Play Store for Battle Nations" over to the left side.

Bluestacks PlayStore

Play Store Button

BlueStacks Continue

Now a dialogue will appear, (if it appeared earlier then this guide just caught up with you!) Click "Continue".

BlueStacks ExistingNew

If you have a Google Account then click "Existing", if you don't then click "New" and create one. After you Sign-In (Complete the sign in how you want to, leave Sync and Backup ON), you'll be returned to the Dialogue from before, once again hit "Continue". Then Sign Into the same account that you used before.

Bluestacks Lets Go

After completing those two sign ins you will once again see the dialogue, but there will be a "Let's go!" button instead, let's click it!

Bluestacks PlayStore Search

You will now be sent to the Google Play store, accept the Terms of Service and search for "Battle Nations" once again.

BN Install

After searching for "Battle Nations" it should appear at the top of the list, click on that and you will go to the BN store page. Click "Install" over to the right and exactly that will happen. After that click "Install" again, then click "Proceed". BN will start downloading, after it finishes there will be an "Open" button, I think you should click it. After BN loads up, the intro will start, you can skip the video (which is broken) by clicking the button in the lower right. After the intro and you are at your outpost, click the Guest Icon in the upper left corner to sign into your account.