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Ancient ConstructEdit

The Ancient Construct is a boss that becomes available early on in the game and can be advantageous to defeat because it has a possibility of dropping rare units: the Dexter & Sinister Fragments. Drop rates are estimated at 5% for the Dexter & 1% for the Sinister. The only variation in stats between the two is the Laser attack on the Sinister crits slightly higher (35%) than the Dexter (10%) against tanks.  In addition to these rare drops it often drops Bar (20), Gear(20), Widget(1-2), Laurel(1-2) & Gold(16k).

"O" or Fat bottom "U" MethodEdit


Slide middle TK in second row (highlighted) to third row to reflect text

To beat the Ancient Construct the easiest way is to have the following units:
  • 5 TKs (R4+)
  • 3 Hvyrs, Supers or Megas (R3+)

The formation you have to use is an O shape,or in basic words put 3 tanks in front, 2 TKs behind the left and right tank and then put the last tank killer at the back(in the middle of the tank killers. Using this method will not use any NANOPOD for healing but there would be 2 or 3 units that would get killed. In first turn, attack the rock with a tank from the front row then annihilate with TKs.

TK MethodEdit

Another method is to use TKs - eight of them. The TKs should be R4 or above, but they can be used as soon as R3 but you will need a fair bit of luck and accept 6-7 causalities each time. A suggested lay out is:

  • Front row - TK, TK, space, TK, TK
  • Second row - TK, TK, space, TK, TK

If the AC's first attack is the laser (hits two squares either horizontally or vertically) and it cooks two unfired TKs, then think about retreating. The best opening move is the AC "Slap" (hits the front units only of each row) that will not kill a R4 and above TK, but may suppress and/or stun. Often a TK will dodge this attack and this would be a good unit to fire next. It is always best to fire the front row first or units with low HP , look for units that are not suppressed as these may score a critical hit. At R3 you will need to fire 6-7 times with one or more scoring a critical, R4 5-7 times and R5 and above you can knock the AC down with 5-6 hits and lose only 1-2 TKs.

The jj MethodEdit

My apologies if this seems like bragging. I found it more humorous.