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Tabs will keep this updated with formulas in an excel sheet, based on the results below. Feel free to update yourself though...

Player P W L Pts
Q 8 7 1 17
half 7 5 2 12
steg 5 4 1 10
paunch 7 5 2 12
tab 4 2 2 4
ing 1 1 0 3
bon 2 1 1 3
fiet 8 1 7 3
madc 3 1 2 2
sb 3 1 2 2
this 7 1 6 2
bronc 2 0 2 0
mrzb 1 0 1 0
capt 0 0 0 0

Match resultsEdit

Home Away Result
steg madc home win
sb steg away win
paunch bronc home win
sb tab home win
bon fiet away win
tab paunch home win
fiet bon away win
tab this home win
bon this void - rule break, replay
this half away win
half ing away win
bronc paunch away win
Q steg home win
fiet steg away win
steg fiet home win
this sb home win
paunch this home win
madc half home win
half fiet home win
fiet half away win
half tab home win
mrzb Q away win
half madc home win
Q fiet home win
fiet Q away win
Q this home win
this Q away win
this paunch away win
tab steg home win
steg tab home win
madc this home win
this madc home win
this fiet home win
fiet this away win
This bon home win
paunch Q home win
Q paunch home win
paunc tab home win